Wednesday, April 6, 2011

callING all rebels

Rebels wanted:

We teachers...need rebels in our proud profession.

Teachers tend to be the straight A, club president, rule follower crowd.

we love structure.

we covet order and routine, and we live on a schedule of bells and breaks.
work in the fall and spring....have the summer off...then do it all over again.

lunch is always...and i mean always at 12:15

we got A's for the sake of A's

and we started clubs so that the word "president" was on our resumes.

We use our turn signals, and very seldom speed.

It's not a bad thing....

its just what we tend to be like.

What we need....are some rebels.

rebels are not afraid.

they don't mind if the rules change, because they weren't planning on following them anyway.

rebel's don't flinch at danger but rather invite it,
and they aren't afraid of the F-word.

They ask "why?" and smirk at you when you say "Because I said so."

Rebel's have an edge, and an appeal, as they sit quietly and observe with their arms folded cooly across their chest.

We need a teacher with a tattoo, or maybe several.

we need the black sheep.

We need the kid who laughed at the school handbook if he even read it, which he probably didn't.

If you are a rebel and you're reading this, you are wanted.

I can't promise you a great paycheck,
and I can promise that you will be surrounded by the over acheivers that probably bug the H*** out of you.

But I think you'll love it.

I think you'll change things,

and that's just what we need.


  1. I knew I shoulda been a teacher- no A's: check. laughed at handbook: check. no fear of F word: check. tattoo: check. never thought "because I told you so" meant a dang thing. :)
    I like this. I wish I woulda had a rebel for a teacher- I think they could change the world.

  2. thanks kristen. I think you'd be a great teacher. :) also, thanks for commenting on this. I am usually half embarrassed when i post any kind of poem so any encouragement it good. Thanks! :)

  3. AMEN!!

    (one of the reasons I dread sending my children to school (and may not)- unless they have a rebel teacher like you!)