Monday, July 12, 2010


Of the first year,
some told us of the terrors
of the woes
of how everyday would seem like a cold hard slap in the face
when the bills came
or the laundry piled up.

But we knew better.

We knew now was the time
to let the mundane seem so exciting to us
that everyday felt like the fourth of july.

We knew that now was our chance
to let the laundry pile
and to smile our secret smiles, the next morning.

We knew that today was the time
to spend snowy saturdays together
and marvel and rejoice when the sun finally came
and the ice from the lake melted week by week.

We knew today
we could walk down the street hand in hand
so that the old neighbors down the road
and remembered what it was to be like us.

Some still tell us of the terrible terrible days to come,
the way it will change and the ways we will change

But we know better.


  1. Love it! I pray that you can read that every year and feel the same way, absolutely beautiful!

  2. You definitely have the right attitude, it's an attitude like this that will help you to have a successful marriage. Marriage is not an easy thing, you both will change as will your circumstances and obligations...but you must embrace those changes and look at every new obstacle as an exciting bump in the road of your life together.

  3. yay for letting the laundry pile ;)

  4. I love this post... and the picture... your wedding was beautiful.

  5. thanks elizabeth. i love that i discovered your prague blog. :)