Thursday, September 30, 2010


What was missing? My sweater. When was it missing? This morning, thereby setting into motion the following series of events:

I searched frantically for my sweater watching the time growing ever closer to the time I needed to leave for class (at Stark) and then pass it. I gave up, and left very frustrated as this was my favorite sweater and from Anthropologie even. I drove about two blocks (sweater-less...which means wearing my blue shirt that is a "back-up", I never really feel "ready to go" in it) realized I was missing a folder I needed for class and turned back around. I searched for about 5-10 minutes in the house for it and gave up (again). As it turns out, it was already in my bag I was taking to school. At this point, I realize I am going to be over 20 minutes late for a 50 minute class. I check the attendance policy on the syllabus: I only get one absence so I decide to go for it and try to make it to class (after all I still have flu season to survive...I may need my one measly absence later int he semester).

I am making my way down 77, yes, rather quickly. I am mad about my sweater, mad about my folder incident, mad about attendance policies, and mad that I'm mad about any of this. It was at that moment I looked in my rear view mirror...and know exactly what's next--flashing lights. It was at this point I finally burst into tears and feeling quite ridiculous about that (who cries over getting pulled over??? apparently me).

The cop approaches, tells me I was going 83 (yes, perhaps I was out of control). I am hysterical and feeling absolutely ridiculous that I'm hysterical and wondering why I'm hysterical when the cop (who was very nice by the way) says "It's ok, I'm not going to hurt you." Seriously? Am I that out of control and hysterical? This really only creates more tears and hysteria for me. Finally, I get my ticket and I'm on my way and I'm now going to be 40 minutes late for a 50 minute class and I don't even know if this now constitutes being "present" for class (so much for flu season...if I'm puking, I'll bring a bucket).

So today I arrived at class 40 minutes late, sweater-less, soon to be 114 dollars poorer, and yes still hysterical and unable to calm down.

The good news is, the prof for my class is a genuinely understanding woman, and didn't think I was crazy for being hysterical(although I still do). Also immediately following that class is a four hour break between my classes whereupon I retreated to Starbucks and then Borders where I used my phone to make out a pictorial Christmas list of the books I would like this year. I also had a conversation with my sister and have now blogged. I think (I say this ready to duck) I have fully recovered from my hysteria and can now move successfully into my afternoon. Also if you look to your right, you will see that there are only 85 days until Christmas. This is a good thing and that alone should make anyone feel better.

Thank you all for listening. If you happen to see a brown Anthropologie sweater, size small...please let me know. It is still missing and I feel it should know that its misplacement has caused quite the ruckus.


  1. Oh Ali...this is definately a really bad day. It made me feel so sad for you...and then you made me laugh, sorry if I wasn't meant to by what you wrote! The ticket would make me cry too...and i'm really glad the Officer didn't hurt you! ;-)

    I hope your Starbucks made a big difference in your day and I hope your sweater is waiting for you at home on the couch...somewhere, perhaps under a blanket sitting next to chocolate and a christmas movie. (I can hope for you, right?)
    I hope the rest of your day is cheaper and more relaxed!!

  2. I hope things start looking up for ya- I HATE days like that :( I've cried almost everytime I've gotten a ticket (which is like 6)'s soo frustrating. Especially when you're already late. I hope you find your sweater.

  3. We're girls...we're allowed to become hysterical over sweaters and speeding tickets, no matter how unreasonable it may be!! I watch sad movies when I need a good cry so maybe this day was your "movie" and the release of those tears will relieve some stress!!

  4. I remember getting pulled over when I was pregnant with you. In my case, pregnant and crying = a sympathtic officer, a warning and no ticket!:)

  5. I'm surprised you got a ticket. When you shed tears, it's like a force of nature. :)