Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes, I titled this post eating. This is a step that most of us (myself included up until now) can easily ignore in the preparation of our food.

Dave hunts...everything. This time of year several animals are in season, and pheasant is one them. Last year I made a pheasant for Thanksgiving, but Dave had already skinned it. This year I wanted the skin, so this meant plucking.

I've never plucked anything, so this was a new experience for me. Sorry that I look so greasy, but while Dave hunts, I sleep, so I hadn't really been up that long at the time these were taken.

Here we go!

As you can see, it gets rather messy. This was only a small amount of the feathers we took from it.

This isn't quite the finished product. I had to soak it to get some of the remaining feathers out. Also, I will add that yes, I gutted it. Dave helped with some of the cutting. This is because he is experienced, but I actually pulled out the actual guts...yes, with my hands. (For all of your sakes, I left out pictures of was gross and it smelled.) And yes, I chopped off the head and feet and excess wing parts.

I really feel I can take on anything in life now. I mean, I've gutted and plucked a pheasant. That has to be some sort of rite of passage. I think this means I've moved into some new phase of life...or something...???

I also have to say I'm glad I'm already married. This can't be an attractive, feminine quality, gutting pheasants.

All told, the whole process took around an hour. It wasn't really that bad, but I will say I'm glad I don't have to do this for every meal. I can't imagine living at a time when that was your only choice. Think about this the next time you buy a boneless skinless chicken breast. :) Or maybe don't...I think that would be better.

I will try and post a picture of the finished product on Thanksgiving. :)


  1. I agree with Todd...AMAZING!
    New phase of life...yes, you are OFFICIALLY Dave's wife!
    I'm proud of you my dear daughter...for doing something few women would least few women in America in 2010!

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  3. Okay there is now no one I respect more than you! . . . but now I have to go gag :-P

  4. I thought I commented on this post already, but maybe I just thought about commenting.

    You're amazing. And this was gross. Birds give me the CREEPS so I can't even imagine doing this.

    I skyped with Kelly the other day and am 100% certain that if I'd have been at your house I'd have been inside with her. :)