Thursday, November 11, 2010

knittING and feltING!!!!

So, October was busy, full of field study in a 6th grade class(which was fabulous, I intended on posting something soon about how fabulous it was), work (which I have now quit, which is also fabulous and I now have time for things like sleep), Halloween partying (as I have already posted, we know this too, was fabulous)...somehow in all of it, I picked up something new. Actually two somethings new. :)

1. Knitting!!!!

Yes, I'm learning to knit. This is my first project and I'm pretty excited about it. I call it my Mr. Tumnus scarf. I secretly want to open an Etsy shop someday called: The Chronicles of Yarnia, and Other Storybook Knits. I would also knit hobbit style scarves, Harry Potter scarves and hats get the idea. :) I don't know that copyright laws would allow me to actually do that though...something to look into..hmmmm.....

2. Felting!!!

I have actually had felting supplies since June, but haven't made much to speak of. This is my first "figure"...a penguin! :) This isn't the best picture, but overall I was happy with how it turned out.


...this is the culprit who got a hold of the penguin and gave it an unfortunate end. The penguin is now missing a wing and has an eye sadly hanging from his head.

I think I could also include felting into my Etsy shop and felt little storybook figures as well. Not that I really have time for any of this...but maybe someday. ;)

Check out some of my fiber, wool, and felting blogs listed on my blog roll. If you click on the one that says "fiberfarm" it takes you to a yahoo page, you then have to click on one of the blog post title to get to the actual, and very creative, blog.

Enjoy! :)

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  1. yay for knitting! i need to learn how, i do very little crocheting. it's a wonderful hobby for winter time, with a warm drink, fire place, and a christmas movie! :)